IDM is a music production and DJ school for electronic musicians in Atlanta, GA

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IDM is Atlanta’s premier music production and DJ school, led by the city’s top DJs and producers. Hundreds of students have enrolled and successfully completed our DJ courses and music production courses. Our instructors foster a collaborative classroom environment so our students can take their DJ training and music production skills to the next level.


Music Production

Neve Music Production Console
Whether you want to become a legendary music producer or just produce your own band, beats, or dance tracks, our music production courses are designed to give you a comprehensive education on all of the elements involved in producing music such as music theory, DAW operation, music recording, sound synthesis, modern sound editing techniques, and more.
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DJ & Sampling

The art of DJing can be difficult to master; however, the prominence of turntables has blown up rapidly over the past few years, showing rising demand for the art. While DJs have been around for a long time, new time stretching and effects processing technology along with the growth of electronic music have made it more engaging than ever to be a DJ.
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